Herrasmanni – a pleasant camping site in Lahti

Herrasmanni Outdoor Recreation and Camping Site is the centre of pleasant and relaxed caravan living in Lahti. The camping site, managed by the Herrasmannin Karavaanarit Cooperative, attracts caravans from all over the world and offers our customers comfortable and clean conditions for a relaxing camping experience. Read more on our website and come visit us!

A camping site worth visiting

Acamping site is only as good as the services it offers. Since people usually stay at the camping site for several days or even weeks, the area needs comfortable and functional washing facilities as well as opportunities for recreation and sports. You can find all of these at the Herrasmanni Camping Site in Lahti, which welcomes caravaners from mid-May to mid-September.

Join us for some quality recreational time!

All kinds of caravaners are welcome to the Herrasmanni Camping Site: individuals, couples, families and pets. You can create fun memories with other caravaners – welcome to Herrasmanni!

Herrasmanni Camping Site, Herrasmanninkatu 20, 15300 Lahti

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